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Our mission is to enhance and inspire human connection through the written word. The purpose of a With Love postcard is both simple and profound: to spread kindness, to celebrate one another, and to create a loving community of encouragement and support.

While we want to encourage and support you to connect with those around you in any and every way possible, we chose to create connections through the use of cards because we believe that there is a novelty to sending and receiving a beautiful, handwritten note that is different from sending/receiving a text message or email; there is a special feeling you get when you hold and read a physical card that you know someone took the time to send and that you can keep forever.

We think of our cards as “non-event” cards, to be used to spread love on your average weekday. Yes, they are perfect for birthdays, holidays and special events, but we never need a special event to remind someone of how much they mean to us.

When we demonstrate compassion and kindness, we inspire others to do the same, creating a domino effect of support and encouragement. It begins with one person, one card. With Love, we can change the world in the simplest of ways.


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